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Founded in 2020, Perry's Pantry was initially set up to support people struggling with the fallout that the Covid-19 pandemic caused from furlough, job losses etc.

Our charity was helping many people across various areas of Manchester during this time and we finally registered as a charity organisation in June 2021 with goals to carry on providing support beyond the pandemic.


Flashforward to 2023 and we are now an Award Winning charity providing much needed food support to areas in South & Central Manchester and Trafford whilst navigating through an even more challenging period with the cost-of-living crisis causing so much devastation for people. 


We have adapted the way we operate our charity to ensure nobody goes hungry in the areas we cover. We offer both short term and long term food support solutions. 

We offer delivery to people who need it (such as disabled, mental health, young children or no recourse to public funds) because not everyone can get to a foodbank for support and we want to ensure those who can't, don't fall through the cracks.


We want to ensure a safe environment, dignity and respect for our clients

and compassionate and friendly experience for those who find

themselves needing to use any of our services.

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