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Hello, we are Perry's Pantry.

In March 2020 we founded Dear Neighbour MCR to support residents in our local area get the essentials they need whilst shielding or isolating.

During this time we found a lot of families were struggling with money from being furloughed, job losses etc and they were seeking help for a food parcel, we started to put appeals out to get stuff for anyone struggling and after a short while we amassed a lot of donations which took up the whole flat. 

Through seeing how many people in Manchester that were struggling we decided to do a twice monthly shop for various foodbanks across our city in different areas to help support their increasing demand for food parcels. 

In December 2020 our group decided to set up our own food bank with a slight difference to the normal foodbanks we see around, most foodbanks provide 3 day emergency food parcels but for us we feel a 7 day parcel would be better suited and offer delivery to ensure those who cannot come to us, do not go hungry too.

We hope our food parcels will really benefit many locals struggling to offer them some relief from food poverty.

-Team Perry's


Jen Savaris - Director

Katie Small - Chair of Trustees

Fiona Armstrong-Hall - Trustee

Alexandra Webb - Trustee

Patricia Reilly-Hurst - Trustee

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