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Feeding children over the school holidays


When the government decided not to help low income parents with school meals during the school holidays, it caused mass outrage.

How can they let children go hungry? 

But thanks to Marcus Rashford  campaigning for children all over the UK, communities united to make sure no children went hungry and eventually the government made a U-turn decision, a little late for that particular time but promises were made to make sure children were fed Christmas onwards.

Perry's Pantry helped feed over 60 children during the October 2020 half term and we are proud and happy to be just one of the many places who gave what they could to help feed children living in poverty during a difficult time.



'Dear Neighbour MCR'

Christmas Appeal 

In October 2020 we started our first Christmas appeal, we wanted to help as many foodbanks as we could get as much stock to help them over the Christmas holidays. 

Our initial target was to raise £6,000 but thanks to the amazing kindness of so many individuals and also businesses across Manchester we raised a whopping £15,000.

We were able to donate to 18 foodbanks across Manchester, Stockport, Trafford and Tameside and buy food for our Perry's Pantry Christmas food parcels.

As well as donating food to foodbanks we also collected thousands of brand new toys to give out to various organisations in our city.

Big thanks to:

Richard Hoggart and team at DSG finance

Sabina Hegarty at Calibre Solutions

Chandos Civil Engineering

Spirit medical communications group

Southway housing

Beaver Road PTA


Amelia Knight cosmetics

SBH charitable trust

Martyn, Steph, Sam & East Didsbury Tesco team

Jonathan and Burnage Tesco team

South Manchester Virtual Christmas Market

Enterprise Stockport


and anyone else who contributed to our fundraising efforts, we really appreciated all the support.


Perry's Pantry Christmas food parcels

From our Christmas fundraising we were able to give out our first food parcels in time for Christmas. 

We wanted to make sure everyone got a Christmas dinner so included some extra bits that normally wouldn't go in a food parcel. We sourced chickens, vegetables and sauces for a proper Christmas dinner as well as other items you can normally find in a foodbank parcel. 

It was so lovely to see how happy families were, knowing they will have food over Christmas.  When you hear a child getting excited because they have food and a packet of their favourite bourbon biscuits, that is what it's all about.
Putting a smile on people's faces who are going through hard times.

Thanks to all our amazing volunteers who have given time out of their day to help us sort through thousands of donated food and toys, dating and counting all food to make sure its in date, bagging and dropping off to each foodbank or parcel to those in need.

You are the backbone of our cause, without you we simply wouldn't be able to achieve what we can.

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